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BO3 on PS4 is rough


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Like most people on here, I can not for the life of me get a good game on BO3.

I also can't get a good game in BO2 or CODAW. 

Always 1 second behind the action. 

The only game they plays decent for me and my connection is COD Ghosts. 



This is my connection with QOS on my primary router set 10% below my paid-for speeds which are 180 down and 12 up, and the R1 DMZ'd with no Set Bandwidth and the CC's at 100% with Share Excess ticked



This is my connection after trying to lower the bufflerbloat and get an A+, so I just set the R1 CC's at 80%down 70%up and lowered the Set Bandwidth to 90 down 10 up



Now once I got the A+ for bufferbloat I played BO3 and had the best game yet. 

But it only lasted that one game. 


I really don't know how I'm supposed to kill someone in BO3 when they move like they're Houdini. 

There one second and 5ft away the next! 

It's magic I tell ya. 


I don't know if Lag Compensation is the cause but I really just want a fair fucking game.


Really hoping that when the new firmware comes out with higher speeds and I make it my primary router, this bullshit Houdini crap is gone for good. 

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Yeah it's Crapcast.


Lowering my speeds did help some but I'm still going negative.

I'm never negative unless I'm going to the bathroom without backing out of the game. 

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Nope. You are not behind the action. Only that one guy who was 2 bar'ing was lagging. 

You see people the same time they see you. 


Another thing, I can only move half as fast as you. Your character is flying around the map. 

Like you have overcharge on the whole time. 

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Take a look at the 3 min mark action and the 5:25 min action. 

I can't kill at the 3 min. Yes i know that gun has a lot of recoil but that was a kill.

At the 5:25 min that guy runs right around me and I never even see him. 


It so frustrating because there are minutes where the hit detection is spot on then other minutes where i'm behind everyone. 


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That 5:25 looks very familiar like BO2 days.  Something is definitely up with the game at least with people of our type-like connections as my up & down  very similar to yours.


It's almost as if our connections & gear are so optimized it's almost as if we are put in a disadvantage on purpose.

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