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B03 FFA Godlike player-30 hitmarker


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So I join a FFA down by 17 kills, notice the 1st place guy is going crazy so I just think maybe he's camping

as I make my way thru the map, Get a kill usual 10 hitmarker kill figure hey might have a semi decent game


See the Leader battling out with another player, he easily kills him but while he was killing him im in knife range, so I unload my kn Ext Mag,RapidFire,Grip

Directly into his back,  I shoot most of my clip into him,he spins around reload shoots me with KN his attachments were grip red dot.


I watch the kill cam I'm dead in 3 bullets lol


So frustrated with this router, Hopefully the New update will fix it , Feels like im playing advanced Warfare all over


On a positive note, I did unplug my Netduma and set it aside,Fired up my tp link router and throttled my connection the other day, and I was getting kills like I was playing Bots on very easy mode.


But I'm not going to use my 30 dollar tp link to throttle , when I have a 200 dollar Netduma router sitting to the side

Hopefully Fingers Crossed, the new update will fix this crap.


Before you tell me to Follow setting or did update my cloud.


I have tried every single thing any Mod or reputable person has posted, Tested every setting that's been posted since advanced warfare..

Not giving up yet,worked great for older Call of dutys 

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