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  1. It was ok for me for the first month, its been terrible ever since XR500 is not helping in any way. No settings work at all for me I've tried everything possible still trash,I say its Cod fault I can dump a full clip into an enemy, and the turn around instant kill me.By Hooking my xbox 1 x hard wired directly to my cable modem it plays better. The Geo Filter hasn't worked since day one of Black ops for me, and its pointless trying to use it in a party.
  2. I do not use a PPPoe to connect. Wired through my desktop Through xr500 (55 mbs dl) Wired directly to my cable modem (120-130Mbs Dl average) Uploads are the same through every test. Xr500 Wireless 5ghz through my android cell phone averages out to (105 mbs to 110mbs Dl ) Cat7 Wired to my XBOX 1 X I got around 115mbs download when I checked. I have Disabled QOS with many of the tests I ran before and after to see if it changed anything. Also I have hooked up Multiple Pcs, with different ethernet cables and still hover around 55mbs DL speed through multiple speed tests. Edit: I have also tried using different ethernet ports on the xr500, I noticed I used to have this problem with the R1,but with a factory reset on the R1 I would regain my speed and all would be well.
  3. Wired Cable Just having my PC only hooked up via ethernet. I installed all new ethernet cables to try to resolve this issue, had a line test on my coaxial passed fine, downgraded firmware,reset the xr500,installed new coaxial cable to my modem. Hard wired directly to my modem,I enjoy full speeds. I have tried every option in qos to resolve this issue I'm just stumped. Edit: I just reset the xr500 once again,and ran the setup wizard and the xr500 came close to my full speed in the test. But from my desktop I still receive a fraction of my speed on multiple internet speed tests,doing a wireless speed test on the 5ghz I noticed my speed was 25mbs faster than my hard wired desktop speed. Could my full speed be there,nd the xr500 just bugged?
  4. I get a constant,150 mbs dl 12 mbs uploiad through my router hard wired on multiple speed test websites Through my xr500 the most I can get is 50 mbs dl upload is the same. Thats with the sliders at 100, with nothing but the Pc using the connection? Is there anyway to get full speed?
  5. OK thanks, you all did a great job with this! Very impressive
  6. I won't be I have to work all this weekend, I really like the look and feel of the OS.. All I did in QOS was to turn on the Antibufferbloat on auto,and set my xbox one x on traffic prioritization. both sliders on 70 percent I have a hard wired 150 mb dl 15 mb UL One cell phone using minimal bandwith
  7. Got the router today, set it up with the user guide . Going from the R1 to xr500 I havent seen any difference actually getting destroyed now in WW2 and pubg. Shooting first,Emptying clips,getting insta killed. Oh well I guess I can always go back to the R1. with the R1 it was much better hit detection,both routers had the same internet speed entered,Both congestion controls set at 70,Auto anti bufferbloat checked. Just played directly wired from modem to xbox one x,gameplay was alot better,frustrating I spent 300 bucks to have a much worse experience,hopefully its a bug I will go back to the R1 fro now.
  8. Ive had the R1 since close to release date. Will the R1 with new OS be better than the Xr500? I have heard there will be more features that the xr500 will not be able to access,the reason i'm asking I was going to give my R1 to a friend when my XR500 comes in today.
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