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Back to BO2 I go.......


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So with all the problems associated with BO3 that I'm having, I decided to go back to BO2.


My setting have changed from day to day with this R1 because I was trying to find something that works with BO3. I had disabled UPnP, set a static ip for the PS4, and added some port forward rules. At first it seemed to help, but then next day it all went to crap and just this morning I was getting hosts outside of the GEO filter AGAIN!!!!


I started up BO2 and of course I had a moderate NAT. So first thing I did was set a static ip and add some port forward rules for BO2. That didn't help so I disabled all the BO2 port forward rules and enabled UPnP. Boom there was the open NAT! 


Had a blast this morning!! Never enabled the GEO filter, didn't touch anything in CC. Yes there was a few WTF deaths, but I HAD FUN!!! Something I can't say I've had with BO3 and this R1. The R1 helped me raise my KD with BO2 so I know it works, but there are just too many issues with BO3 and the R1. 


I don't know if it's issues with the R1, the game, or the combination of both. I just know both of them don't well work together for me right now. Hopefully both sides can come up with some fixes to make it better as I really like BO3. I just don't like getting my @$$ handed to me all the time.

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