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Open your port for Utorrent


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I am a big torrent user and get my movies from IPtorrents this is a private tracker and is only accessible by invite, the thing is when you download from private trackers you need to seed back what you downloaded to keep your ratio in good shape. Now i recently invited my friend and he had trouble seeding as his port was getting blocked and he also has a Netduma so i thought i would show how to open your port for Utorrent  in the Duma as it can also help your Up and Down speeds :).


1) First open Utorrent and click Options then Preferences and click Connection and copy your port;




2) Now go into you Netduma and goto Settings>Port Forwarding:




3) Now fill in the sections.


Rule Name: Utorrent


Start Port: Enter your port from Utorrent.


End Port: Enter your port from Utorrent


Protocol: TCP & UDP


IP Address: Your PC IPV4 Address ( To find this open a CMD and type 


and look for your IPV4 Address, It should be 


Yours will have 3 numbers at the end, Copy this into your Duma.


4) Next click Add Rule and it should appear below in Port Forwarding Rules, now just click apply and your done.


5) Now lets check if your port is open in Utorrent, look at the botom right of the Utorrent GUI and it should a green tick like mine:




6) Now restart Utorrent and see if you get better results.


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