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Coaxial Cable Splitters FYI


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     Hey guys I wanted to post this so that if anyone else is having this issue I may shed some light on the situation.  I was having some issues with my ISP/modem whereby I was getting a lot of errors/disconnects when surfing/gaming the whole nine yards.  To remedy the situation I would call my ISP and they basically did nothing to help me.  I debated about calling them out because I just did not want them to make the situation worse that what it already was.  

     To make a long story short there were two splitters installed by my ISP provider.  Upon entry into my home the internet cable had a  two way splitter that sent the connection to the room with my computer/gaming console/tv.  And once it reach the room they had to apply another splitter which I needed for the television service/internet.  And here is where the problem lies.  What it was causing was Upload power levels to be 50 or greater.  And once it hit 54 I was going to get an interruption. My modem basically could not communicate with my ISP servers.  Now mind you this power level can fluctuate a little due to the weather outside but that is neither here nor there.  I can not control the weather.  

     So I just made a decision to remove the television connection thereby removing the splitter and voila now my upload power levels are less 50 and if I want to watch tv in my man cave I always have Netflix and Hulu. But guys it has made a world of difference. I did not even know you could access this information on your modem until I started researching it here on this forum.  I hope this can help someone or if someone out there has ran into this issue before I feel you pain.  

     So just a heads up those splitters are not your friends they of course degrade your signal and the more you have the more the signal loss is compounded.  To access my modem information I had to use the link but yours may be different or the same.  I believe it depends on the modem brand you have. So now since fixing this issue I have made one more step toward gaming utopia. ;)

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