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Is this even possible?

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First off i am loving the Netduma, and it has made cod playable for me again but i am still having a few issues with it. Nothing major that i can't handle but if its possible it would be amazing. 


This is my impression based upon playing Ghosts in a party with a couple of mates.


Ping to the host is always great ( thanks :) ) but i find that some one always seems to have "god Mode" I starting testing with some sniffing/ tracing software and by talking to the other players. Each time the person with "God Mode" has a bad latency and is typically in a party with someone else. 


Is there any way to restrict who can join the lobby when they are not host and you are not host? or be able to add people that typically wont be host to the deny list so you don't meet them again. 





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