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Geo-Filter settings not saved on Host Filtering page

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I play Destiny all the time and for this I'm supposed to uncheck Peer Ping and check Auto Ping Host.  I also uncheck Kilometres (is this supposed to be Kilometers?) since I live in the US.  However, these settings are never saved when I reload the page.  I've verified that my browser allows cookies to be saved, tried with both the latest versions of IE and Chrome.  The Strict Mode setting is stored between page refreshes so I know at least this one setting is saved, however, all the other ones revert back to their defaults of Peer Ping unchecked, Auto Ping Host checked, Kilometres checked.  Any options?  I'm running the latest version of the NetDuma software 1.03.4.  I also enabled the "Enable Cookies" checkbox in Settings->Miscellaneous, but I still get the same result, which is not saving my checked/unchecked options on the Host Filtering page.  Please help.


Thanks in advance.

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