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PS4 button remapping


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Hi yall, don't know if you all already know about the button remapping feature on the PS4 controller. I didn't but then I am old.

I am not talking about in game tactical set ups but the one on PS4 settings.

Settings accessibility options - button assignments - custom button assignments.

Basically means you can make your controller a poor mans scuff.


Sorry if yall already know about this.

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Didn't know this. And how does one change the buttons?


It's in the accessibility section in your settings menu.


I mentioned this feature in the Scuf controller post a while ago. I think my post must have got lost in the thread as it was quite a popular post!

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been using this since it was introduced.


to stop me panic knifing i swapped r3 to up on the dpad


now it's a bitch to knife lol.


it would be good if i could do a 3 way swap, i would like to put knife on triangle, change weapon on dpad up,and have r3 just doing the scroll up on active streaks.....but you can't do that at the moment   :(

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