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Gone from an open NAT to strict???


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I have used the netduma since it came out with no Issues. Nat has always been open. Last night my Nat on the xbox one went to strict. I have no idea why and it will not change. I also have a net gear nighthawk which I used to use, so plugged that back in and bang Nat was back open. I thought well it could be a temp issue and might reset itself so took myself off to bed.


Have woken this morning to find that the Duma is still strict. Like I said up until yesterday it had always been open then for some unknown reason is now strict. Can someone advise please.





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Guest Netduma_Iain

Thanks for posting pomare. So please can I just confirm that the nighthawk is not in the way. So its literally


Modem > Duma > Xbox


If thats the case you should have open NAT if UPnP is enabled on both the xbox & the duma. On the duma you can enable it on "Settings > UPnP" then check enable. I recommend you just reset the router and restart the xbox if they are both enabled.

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