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That's what the Congestion Control aspect is for, if you experiment with the percentages and test you should be able to find a value that works the best for you

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18 hours ago, HeathPitt said:

Hello. So I've noticed random lag spikes in some Roblox games I play. I decided to do a bufferbloat test and it was C.

Is there any settings in the optimiser or Smart Modem 2 settings that can mitigate it? It's really damn annoying.


I would not rely on that site, I have a 700/47 connection and best I can get is a B rating, but I have no noticeable Bufferbloat related issues. However, I was experiencing similar issues when playing MW3. I believe the issue has to do with the modem and how it handles uploads and congestion control when set to auto enabled.  Now I am on the Gen 3, but I can tell you they fixed this issue with a new firmware update that will hopefully be released to the public very soon. Maybe it's the same issue for the current firmware for Gen 2, not sure! But while you wait. try disabling internet optimiser to see if it fixes it, as it did for me. 

If it does help, then re-enable internet optimiser again, set your sliders to suit as suggested by @Netduma Fraser and instead of auto enable, choose always and see if that helps, as again this helped me when I had the similar issues.

I am no expert, just a customer like you, so I may be wrong, but from personal experience this sounds like the same issues I was having. Hope it helps.

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