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Xbox party chat


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Yesterday, I updated my R2 to the latest firmware. I hadn't used the R2 in awhile but changed ISP and needed to use it again.  I'm comfortable saying it was setup correctly as I did the geo location, speed test, ping assistance, etc. 

I went into Black Ops 3 and then Warzone and was able to get into matched. BO3 is peer to peer at this point so I was able to see the peers in the matches I was in.

In Warzone, I connected to a server within my radius and I was able to get into a lobby then the match started. 

A few hours later, I was trying to play Warzone with some friends in Xbox part chat but had multiple issues. First, the Xbox party chat would not connect. I tried starting my own party and I joined their party multiple times. I turned the Xbox on/off too.  Finally the party chat worked but then I couldn't join a server in Warzone. 

My closest server was about 120 miles away and was within my radius as were two others. Pings for each were under 30.  I went into the router settings and tried turning off stuff one by one until we could get into a match. 

Finally, to my questions, is the party chat unrelated to the R2? Could it be a coincidence that happened or do I need to change a setting?

I can setup the R2 again for COD but wanted to correct for the party chat if necessary first before updating for Warzone.

Thanks for any help. Sorry for the long post.  🙂

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Did you add your friends to the allow list? If not you'll need to do that most likely and then it'll work. You can see how to do that at the bottom of this guide: 


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No, sir. I did not. If I knew about this before, I must have forgotten about it. Thanks for the quick response and for sharing that info. I'll review it and take action when I can. 

I appreciate your help Fraser. 👍

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