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  1. Ok, thanks. I'll give that a shot.
  2. On the R2, running 3.0.179 and using Xfinity, I'm having issues with my ping under load. My setup is modem -> R2 - Orbi and I'm testing this on a wired PC. I have 100 down and 6 up and I've tried this multiple times with setting the network speeds myself or letting the R2 do it with Auto Detect. With Congestion Control off, when I go to Connection Benchmark and Run Test, I get an A+ Speed Test and an A on Ping Test. My ping is generally showing between 20 and 30. My Ping Test Under Load only shows as a D with download anywhere from 90-120 and upload 400+. In QoS and trying Auto-Setup, it keeps telling me to set my Congestion Control at just 1% for both down and up. But I still get a D with high ping times under Ping Under Load. What am I missing or what do I need to do? Thanks for any help.
  3. I've got a couple of routers, including a Netgear N900, that allows a space in the Wifi password. FYI
  4. Did you try plugging the ethernet cable into another port? Someone previously said they had issues with port 2.
  5. I have Xfinity also and my setup was odd compared to the R1 or other routers. Before the R2, I'd connect the router to the modem, it would get a IP address, connect to internet, things were easy. With the R2, I got an odd screen that said something to the effect of "Can't connect, do you want to setup WLAN?". I don't know if that's a normal thing for the R2, specific to Xfinity, or what but it's not how I've had to setup previous routers (R1, Orbi, and various other Netgear routers). And once I got connected to the internet on the R2, I didn't futz about with that part of it so I don't know if how I did it was normal. Once it worked, I just treated it like my R1.
  6. It could be that Activision is changing the servers for various reasons. Load management, server updates, etc
  7. A couple of thoughts about this: -A PDF instead of a physical 20 page booklet would be my preference. -Suggesting videos online instead of a PDF or physical booklet doesn't make as much sense to me because if someone is having connectivity issues, watching videos via a mobile device, with some/most people on plans with data caps, isn't ideal. If I can't get online with my computer/phone/devices while installing the new router, telling me to watch videos online isn't helpful. A more in depth description of each setting is possible with a PDF instead of a video also. It's more work to compile and create but it's more helpful too.
  8. Yes it is. I have Xfinity and have the R2. No problems at all.
  9. Will it be a Release Candidate or stable firmware?
  10. Thanks to both of you. Very helpful and exactly what I need. You both are awesome!!👏
  11. I just received my R2 and need a refresher about using it with my existing setup. The wifi in my R1 went out a while ago so I added a Netgrear Orbi to cover Wifi. I know I put them in this order - modem -> R2 -> Orbi but what settings do I need to change to have all of the R2's features maximized? I searched using the term "access point" but couldn't find exact details. If I missed it, a link would be very helpful. Thanks!
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