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Connection Test Issue

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I have this message pop up after I check a scheduled connection test.

I have not had a new firmware update since this test was done, so not sure what's going on, any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.


Connection Test.jpg

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4 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

How long ago was the scheduled test exactly? Have you rebooted or anything since the test was done?

The test was scheduled for every 24 hours, however I reset DumoOS this morning and run a scheduled test after a manual test 1 min later and I got the same message, I have established this occurs on every scheduled test that is run.

Still running same firmware on modem and DumaOS

Firmware Version 21.4.0439
DumaOS Version 3.3.157


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  • 3 months later...

I haven't posted for a while, as most features work, but this issue still exists, any progress on fixing this?

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