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Thinking of buying an R3


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To be honest, this is purely going to be for COD. Is it worth buying and what advantages doe this router bring over others. I appreciate there is Geofencing which is usually used by people to play in other areas therefore to get around SBMM partially. That aside, what are the benefits of the router to a normal player?

Also on the point above, there are software versions out there that allow connections to play on East Coast servers for instance (im UK) what benefit does this router bring, can i use it to play other locations than just East Coats or Europe?


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The Geo-Filter isn't for SBMM, it's for ensuring you get to play on the servers closest to you so you get the best possible connection. 

I'm not sure what you mean regarding software versions, there aren't any updates which lock you to play in a certain location, you can play where you want using the Geo-Filter just keep in mind the further away the servers the harder they are to force and no guarantee you'll get them. 

I'd suggest having a look through our YT playlist to get an idea of what the router can do: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCU0-ELvZkOqiQFGXII95B7063uASKQlO


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