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Pubg Mobile addition to Geofilter

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Hello, netduma team@Netduma Fraser

I am writing to request the addition of PUBG Mobile to the Geofilter

I understand that the Geofilter feature currently doesn't have PUBG Mobile. However, I would like to request that the development team consider adding this pubg mobile to the Geofilter as I only play pubg mobile competitively 

I understand Geofilter have pubg PC but unfortunately it won't work on pubg mobile. I've requested netduma team number of time to add pubg mobile to Geofilter but unfortunately there seems to be no progress 


Thank You in advance 

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On 1/13/2024 at 10:23 AM, Netduma Fraser said:

It has been requested yes, but it doesn't mean it will appear right away, the team priority will be to fix any bugs for the moment and then they'll get more games added

Hi @Netduma Fraserany news on adding pubg mobile to geofilter?

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