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Internet Optimiser Activation issue

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I just recently upgraded from FTTN to FTTP, all went just ok, and my service works, but after many calls to faults and with very poor help service, I find myself in a situation where the system believes I'm still on the Gen 2 white modem and has a S/N & Mac Error when trying to communicate with my Gen 3 modem which was fine before upgrade. Faults department keep telling me it will be fixed in 48 hours, and I understand its Xmas time, but today was my 3rd call back to them since the 15th of Dec and I got the same reply. What this means is because the service can't communicate with my Gen 3 modem, it stops me from getting firmware upgrades, but also prevents me from getting Internet Optimiser Activated on modem, as in my Telstra app is says that it is activated. Not sure if you guys can fast track the issue I have, so I can get optimiser up and running again. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply, I am getting nowhere with Telstra, have lodged a complaint with them and with the TIO, they know the issue, they call it a Jumping fault, as their systems think I'm on Gen 2 modem, but I'm on Gen 3 Modem, so serial number and mac address can't talk back to Telstra, hence why I can't activate internet optimizer or get my land line working. But for some reason no one at Telstra is fixing the issue, they even said they would send me out a new Gen 3 modem but sent a gen 2 instead, they said it would be fixed at their end within 24 - 48 hours, since 15th Dec, it's a joke and a nightmare dealing with their faults service. Now, I know you guys can't do anything, but if @mannrs can advise me with any info on this it would be appreciated.

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