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Online Devices appearing offline

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Hi there!

we installed/activated this to be able to manage our teens screen time addiction. 

While it picked up 50% of devices correctly, there is a huge gap for everything else. 

it either notes them as offline or doesn’t register their traffic. 

We’ve taken to shutting off everything we can’t identify but that is playing havoc on our home security.


I noticed the LAN issue others have posted as well. We have nothing connected via LAN yet nearly half our devices sit there.

are we meant to update firmware for Telstra optimisers too?

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Hello, welcome to the forum!

Do you have some devices connected to a WiFi extender/AP by any chance? 

For one of the offline devices, have a look on the Device Manager then use the device, do a speedtest, watch a video etc, does it switch over to online?

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Hi @Eskimo, just to add to Fraser's suggestion - if you haven't noticed yet, for the devices where we couldn't identify a name, you can click on them to rename manually.  We aim to improve the auto detection in the future, but with a little setup and like Fraser suggested doing some YouTube or speedtest.net  on the devices one by one, to work out which ones they are you should be able to get the family devices neatly identified to use in Network Rules for time based internet blocking.
Sorry for the trouble and hoping its otherwise useful for you!

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