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R2 crashes my network when my wife works from home

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I’ve had my R2 since November of ‘22, and setup the same way since then.  Xfinity gateway in bridge mode > R2 > TP Link Deco mesh nodes in AP mode.  Everything has worked fine since then, until now.

For the past month, (at least), on the 2 days a week that she works from home the internet drops around the time she has her first MS Teams call, (this is based on my own troubleshooting assessment, not her’s). It’s down until I get home and restart everything.  The last time it happened I only power cycled the R2 and everything came back up in a couple minutes.

I’m on the latest firmware now, it’s happened on the last version and latest.  I’ve since reverted back to using the TP Deco nodes in router function but I’d like to be able to use my R2 as my main again.

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Sounds like Xfinity issues to me if your using they’re crappy router/modem wish you luck bud…that thing has the highest failure rate from my experience even new ones go bad pretty quick plus your losing money paying for they’re equipment

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

It'll be hard to diagnose this I think without you being around when it happens - for example is the interface still accessible when it happens?

Are ALL devices unable to get internet when this happens or is it just the work at home device? 

Try disabling the Work from Home Traffic Prioritization option and see if that helps at all.

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