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Traffic Prioritization Xr500

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Hi,i ve searched on the forum but i can't find the solution to my problem...

On traffic prioritization for a Ps5 console,when i chose ps5,then games console i can choose this:

Choose traffic type:



gaming voice


Apply to wan


Which one is the best?


i have a fiber 1000/700 and i need prioritization just for my ps5


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So the traffic type is based on how you're connected, if you're using ethernet/wired connection for the console then select Normal. If you're using WiFi use Gaming/Voice. You can enable Apply to WAN as if your ISP supports priority tags then you'll see an extra benefit but if they don't you won't see a negative impact having it enabled.

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14 minutes ago, Adr1adr1 said:

And for the ps5 you suggest dumaos or game console for prioritization?

Either one will work, it's entirely up to you!

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