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  1. Fraser unluckly i ve not understood too much about that thread...what you suggest to use??'i play only fifa and cod...what i can try? oh,and i after i selected gaming console i must choose between normal,video and gaming/voice,and apply to wan...what i must select?
  2. and how i can do it for experiment?i must put source 1-65535 and for destination the ports that are suggested to be open for the games?
  3. hi i need help on how to best set traffic prioritization. i set the ps4 in device manager as "playstation", i disabled duma classified gaming and i entered "ps4-games console-default" as a traffic prioritization rule. other ?? set doors manually, or select another category ??
  4. thanks for the support,someone knows which ports i have to prioritise for fifa 21 on ps4???
  5. Hi, I have problems with the speedtest ... in auto detect it signals me download speed at 70/80 mb, while for upload everything is ok. same thing in connection benchmark, where at ping test it shows me a download speed 10 times lower. I deactivated the qos, I checked on the device manager, on the connection status and it correctly reports the maximum of my line (1000 downloads / 100 uploads) depends on what? the firmware is updated to the latest version available on the official website.
  6. unluckly my isp works only with that sfp...so is impossibile?
  7. no fraser...it doesn't work.it works only with the 1giga port and with media converter. When i put the sfp in the xr700 sfp port,it doesn't work anymore...
  8. the sfp is not more in the mediA Converter.i ve unplugged it and then did all the operations...the sfp is now in the xr 700 directly!
  9. Sure but they are the default one for wind.No problems By the way as you can see i set as i did for the xr500 i tried both sfp detection :auto( 10 g led and internet are always off) and dac only(where here 10 g led appears as the internet led,but they are randomly,sometimes on and sometimes off,but the connection is always down.)
  10. Vlan 835 (data) Vlan 836 (voice) Protocol PPPoE PPPoE usr xxxxx PPPoE pwd XXXXXX Encapsulation LLC NAT enabled COS data 0 (IEEE 802.1 P) COS voice 5 (IEEE 802.1 P) these are wind parametrers
  11. Sure give me some minutes...no unluckly this is the first router(except isp modem dva 5592) that have a sfp port by itself. All the other routers i ve used(xr 500,asus ax11000 and now this) the only way to work was with media converter.I put the sfp in the media converter and then i set up a pppoe connection with vlan 835.
  12. yes for both questions: it requires pppoe and vlan settled.and i did it.but nothing.yes killhippie i did it. my doubt is another: it can be that my sfp is not supported from the router???
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