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Windows8.1 to 10


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I  have a pc running win 8.1    an i wanna upgrade to win  10  or 11

 As  i have  a few  programs that worked before now not working   it says my pc isnt compatible now

 I have a logitech  g5o2   mouse and a logitech  g502 hero mouse  


I used to use  the logitech hub to  manually change the mouse dpi

But i cant do this no more  and i need to change mouse dpi

 As i am jsing xim apex


Also  i dont wanna buy  a nes desktop  to   change dpi on mouse


I think i read   could upgrade for free to win10

 If sombody could send me a link to  a trustworthy link  to upgrade

 Or where i could buy the win 10  installation cd  in england


Model is  

Hp110 020ea

8gb  ram  intel pentium  cpu g23030t      260ghz cpu

64 bit  windows  8.1  is active

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