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I can't access the portal

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I've been trying a couple days to access but I can't login on DumaOS and nothing is showing up through web. I have the Telstra modem gen 2 

I already tried to cancel and subscribe again, already tried to reset my modem, factory reset as well. 

Serial No
Firmware Number
Modem Make Model
Technicolor DJA0231
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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. What happens/what do you see when you try to access? Have you accessed optimiser before or is this your first time trying? Your firmware number is older, it should be 20.3.c.0389-MR20-RA it may be that Telstra needs to push through an update for you to get it working correctly. I'd recommend contacting Telstra to see if they can do this for you, in the meantime I've tagged @mannrs who may be able to look into this more quickly for you.

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It’s been an hour since that I've being talking to them about this. I had to do the troubleshooting all over again. And is that message that I get it “

Our testing indicates that your whole service is affected. To ensure we resolve the full issue for you today, let’s do some troubleshooting on the line to identify the underlying cause.

ur testing indicates that to resolve the issue we need you to do some troubleshooting at your premises to identify the underlying cause and resolve your issue
Are you at your premises and able to troubleshoot with me today?”

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