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Netduma R2 set-up with Xbox Series X (Hybrid VPN) - using NoLagVPN/NordVPN

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Hi all,

I am having an issue setting up my Duma to work with my VPN's on my Xbox Series X. I have added the ports to the device in the Hybrid VPN - though my location in game on Warzone is still my home location...

I factory reset the Netduma and added all the below ports - the VPN states it is connected. Are the ports open and added correctly? I have an open nat type on my xbox.

I can't seem to find much help on the internet or this forum. Thank you for help in advance...


Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 8.35.16 pm.png

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

For a console when you add it it should apply to the entire device by design, if you're using NoLag you don't need to specify ports in theory, otherwise for Nord you've likely not got the correct ports listed and we don't have any information on what that might be. I assume you're using it to get around SBMM which isn't something we can advise on.

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