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xr1000 - Brand New Out of Box Slow Ethernet Speeds

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Ok, so I upgraded from a XR500 to a XR1000 back in March. Had multiple issues with the XR1000 (pages in the DUMA OS weren't loading, missing JSON responses left and right, QoS not loading, ping heat and Geo not loading. Even downgrading FW per recommendations on this forum, and factory resetting dozens of times). So, I bought a brand new XR1000 thinking that the first one was defective. Guess what? This one has a totally new problem. I can't get my advertised speeds. I have 1000/50 service. I'm getting the upload speeds just fine, but my download speeds suck. I'm getting around 90 down and nothing I do improves it. All new cat8 ethernet cables, factory resetting, QoS off, armor has never been turned on, etc. Any other options? 

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Hold the reset button for 30 seconds, release, wait 2 minutes then access and go through the wizard. When going through the wizard input your speeds manually rather than letting it auto detect, also don't enable Armor, once you have access hopefully the error will be gone, then see whether the speeds are the same. If they are please provide a screenshot of the table view of Device Manager.

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On 6/24/2022 at 2:55 AM, xx._iq_.xx said:

I'm using proper network cables (cat8) and have 1000Mbits on all ethernet ports, so that's not an issue. I did downgrade to FW and that seems to be working properly. 

I'll post again if the issue pops back up. Thanks for the resposne Fraser.

Can you access HybridVPN on

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