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downgraded firmware stuck

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Hello I tried to downgrade my firmware as I have been having issues with wifi, the downgrade didn't finish and just stuck on this should take 2 mins to finish. I waited over 30 mins. The issue I have now is it will not let me log in the router anymore. The wifi still works but when i try to get into the router i get this message 404 Not Found. I have tried turning it off and did a reset on the device but still know look. Has the router been bricked?

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13 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Which firmware were you on and which did you downgrade to? It may be a case that you just need to clear the browser cache/cookies to access as that is what was needed after going from the original to DumaOS.

I was on v.3.0.207 and switched to v.1.03.6j, Ive tried clearing just won't let me login :(

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