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Desajuste ping heatmap


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Hola, he creado una lista con los servidores con menor latencia para jugar a Warzone. Es curioso porque cuando pulsas para ver esos servidores, todos se cargan sin problemas; pero cuando he creado la lista con 8 de estos servidores, no se carga ninguno. Entiendo que así no me conectaré a los servidores deseados. Si alguien pudiera darme alguna sugerencia... Gracias.


Lista de servidores personalizada.png

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¿Cuándo creaste la lista? Si hemos enviado una actualización en la nube desde ahora hasta el momento en que hizo la lista, es probable que la información que tiene en su lista sea antigua. Desafortunadamente, eso significará que deberá volver a agregar estos servidores a la lista.

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17 hours ago, Alexander24 said:

I did the update yesterday and today I created the list, so there must be another problem.

OK, I'm not sure if we pushed any cloud updates yesterday. Could you please create a new list and let us know if/when the problems starts occurring again? We can then look at what might've caused it.

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a mi me pasa igual, he probado con Warzone y Cold War, y he configurado actualizado el router, pero nunca me busca partidas en mi pais, busca el servidor pero salta a otro pais.
soy de España y me empareja con jugadores de Alemania Rusia etc.
sinceramente estoy muy decepcionado con la compra del R2.
otra cosa que no entiendo tampoco, cualquier router de gama baja ya tiene el español en su Firmware, este no, es el segundo idioma mas hablado del mundo y no tiene el español.

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Sí, es bastante frustrante, porque cuando te compras este tipo de router, es para mejorar la conexión, reducir el ping y conectarte a los servidores que elijas. Por mi parte, ya he desistido de la opción de seleccionar los servidores porque no sirve de nada; pero sí que es verdad que en la pestaña Geo puedes concretar bastante la zona geográfica y a mí me funciona bastante bien. Eso sí, no esperes tener un ping por debajo de 40/50. Eso es ciencia ficción. Por ejemplo, nunca he conseguido conectarme al servidor de Madrid que tiene un ping de media de 13. El día que funcione correctamente y puedas conectarte al servidor con ping más bajo, será el mejor router del mercado. De todas formas, yo estoy contento con él, a pesar de este problema importante.

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3 hours ago, anthonyclass said:

The same thing happens to me, I have tried with Warzone and Cold War, and I have updated the router, but it never looks for games in my country, it looks for the server but jumps to another country.
I am from Spain and he pairs me with players from Germany, Russia, etc.
honestly I am very disappointed with the purchase of the R2.
another thing that I don't understand either, any low-end router already has Spanish in its firmware, this one doesn't, it's the second most spoken language in the world and it doesn't have Spanish.

Welcome to the forum!

In this topic we're discussing Ping Heatmap, which won't help you at all with preventing getting connected outside of your country. 

What you need to setup it Geo-filter - please use the below link to get that setup and if you have any further issues, please create your own topic so we can troubleshoot it with you.


Apologies, we are looking to add translations in future! In the mean time, you can use a browser plug-in to translate the interface?

2 hours ago, Alexander24 said:

Yes, it is quite frustrating, because when you buy this type of router, it is to improve the connection, reduce the ping and connect to the servers of your choice. For my part, I have already given up the option to select the servers because it is useless; but it is true that in the Geo tab you can specify the geographical area quite well and it works quite well for me. Of course, do not expect to have a ping below 40/50. That is science fiction. For example, I have never been able to connect to the server in Madrid, which has an average ping of 13. The day it works correctly and you can connect to the server with the lowest ping, it will be the best router on the market. Anyway, I'm happy with it, despite this major problem.

Thanks for your feedback, I'd still suggest including the Madrid server in your search radius because there's a chance you might get on to it if it's active. The problem is that the server is probably almost always full and therefore you'll struggle to get on to it, but it's worth keeping as an option.

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