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Connecting external drive to use readyshare - XR1000

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I have a seagate 2TB ultra touch portable hard drive that I tried to connect to the XR1000 router to use the readySHARE functionality. However, the router is not detecting the drive connected to the 3.0 usb port. When I try to follow the steps per the usuar manual, the readySHARE link is not detected by the computer either using the Run function in windows. 

Am I missing a step here or is this not going to work?

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It's a Netgear feature, so we're a little limited here on the troubleshooting advise we can offer for it. It may be better to create a topic on the Netgear Forum's or open a support ticket with Netgear at support.netgear.com

They do have some documentation on setting up and using the feature here, have you read through this?

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