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About Fast Roaming Wifi

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Does anyone here tried to setup their AP or WAP(fast roaming Enabled) with any Netduma device

Currently, I only have Comfast ew71 AP(Using DD-WRT) and it is asking for NAS Identifier and Mobility domain because I want to have seamless wifi roaming without using MESH systems

I hope someone could help me with it. 

Thank you.


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Cisco and apples partnership work well with fast roaming but for a domestic setup it’s not really required and is hit or miss depending on the client. 
if I enable it on my Unifi setup it causes the AP to reboot but that’s a type off bug. 

It’s handy for WPA2 enterprise using Radius so a client does not have to re-authenticate which could be part of your issue?? and for domestic use it’s not required as you don’t normally have lots of busy APs working away. There are also subsets to that but it depends on what is offered via the software. 

The client though must support it or else it uses legacy to roam. So you would need to check your clients support it too.

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