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Strange one..


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Ok so i have been trying to port forward Destiny 2 today with the following ports.

But every time i enter the last port the router disconnects from the net and i have to factory reset via the pin please check screen shots.

So me and my boy both on Xbox and we have different ports manually selected.

And ips are reserved in DCHP from what i can see no conflict of ports and i have try four times with the same router disconnect.

Please advise.

Many thanks.





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Did you do it in any particular order and one rule seems to do it or is it always the last rule that causes it? 

Is UPnP/port triggering/DMZ active while you make these rules? Is UPnP showing any ports that have been opened that you're trying to forward - if so that could be it so try disabling UPnP, rebooting the router from the interface, adding your rules then enabling UPnP and see if it works

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