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Ping heatmat not working for some reason with Warzone


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Since I got my router this option has been working fine for me to check which are the best servers I can try to force to connect when I want to play Warzone in American servers with my friends over there, I live in Australia so I have to check for servers that show me less than 200ms, I usually connect to the West side of USA.. but from today I haven't been able to check the servers ping, when I change the game I searching for ping, for example COD Cold War, it works and shows me possible servers I can connect, but with Warzone it just stopped working..

I'm attaching both screenshots to show the issue and how it works with Cold War.

Can someone explain me what's happening here and how can I fix it?


2021-08-23 23_30_02-Settings.jpg

2021-08-23 23_44_27-Ping Heatmap - DumaOS.jpg

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