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Help with wifi switching bands and streaming?

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Hi I am still new to Duma OS. I have my WIFI mirrored so it will switch on its on. My Firestick in the Bedroom stays on the 2.4 band all the time. Its a problem because we do a lot of 4k streaming. Running a speedtest from speedtest.org I only get around 19mbs which seems very low even for 2.4. With my netgear router I could get all 100mbs of my bandwidth but it was on the 5ghz band. I am only assuming this is the problem. Is there a way to change the band manually? Only my iPhone and my computer will go to 5ghz band for some reason. Thanks for the help. I know when I get all this sorted out I will like the features of the Duma. 

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It’s best to separate the channels then you can pick what devices use what but you lose the ability of the device to swap. The little fire sticks though may struggle to connect to 5Ghz if too far away which maybe why it’s on 2.4Ghz. 
if you don’t have many neighbouring channels on 2.4ghz you could try 40Mhz width but if there are other channels it’s best to stick with 20Mhz as interference can slow the connection down. 
Trouble with fire sticks is they don’t have the reception like an iPhone or laptop and they usually get plugged into a port on a tv round the back or side so they are hidden behind a nice tv panel. You could try using a extended usb cable to move the fire stick away to a more open area.

What’s the distance of the fire stick from the router?


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Good advice above. The R2 WiFi will be weaker than Netgear WiFi as well so you're unlikely to see the same kind of results. As Newfie is alluding to, the fact it's stayed on 2.4GHz indicates you might be too far away for a sustainable 5GHz connection. Disable the mirroring, give 2.4/5GHz different names then reboot from the interface. Also arrange the R2 antennae like this for more range _ | | _

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