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Forgot username & password


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I have been using netduma for more than 1 year now and i am satisfied with its performance. 

However, as i didnt open the interface for quite some times, i habe forgotten my own username and password. 


Any help from community here on how i can recover my username and password would be appreciated. 


I am playing Call Of Duty and trying to change my NAT type from moderate to open. I know i can do this with Netduma interface but as of now i cant log in.


Help me please

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You could try the default credentials: admin/password.

However, if that doesn't work and you can't remember your credentials, you will unfortunately have to factory reset the R1.

To do this, hold the reset pin on the back of the R1 for thirty seconds, then allow it a few minutes to reset itself. After this, you'll need to go back to the interface and complete the initial setup again.

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