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  1. Hi, i have a problem logging in to my netduma interface. For some reason my netduma router wifi light is not blinking (it means i cannot log in by using wifi). So i am connecting via ethernet (you can refer to our previous exchanges in Feb this year). So when i am about to log in, it ask for my username & password. I put the standard username & password (netdumaR1 & netdumar1) but it does not work. Could you help to reset my username & password for my router or is there any other alternative to log in to my interface?
  2. Ok i will try. As we are living in different time region, i will let u know tomorrow afternoon your time. So reboot only, not factory reset again?
  3. So is it broken? Bought less than a year, 1 time factory reset and broken? Is there any warranty by netduma?
  4. Really? There is no wifi button on netduma R1. Come on...
  5. Yes it is. But on router itself, no light at all. It all happened after i did factory reset via interface. I search for its wifi thru my mobile, does not seems to find it. Could you help to advise?
  6. Hey Fraser if u are there and can reply please
  7. Hi Fraser, after the issues of dropping connection, i did factory reset via my interface. Now new problem appeared. After factory reset, my wifi light is not blinking at all. I managed to access to my interface by using ethernet. My wifi username & pw is default (netsumaR1 & netdumar1). But the think is the wifi light is not blinking and if i search for netduma wifi network thru my mobile, it does not appearing at all. Means wifi seems does not rxist. Could you help to advise?
  8. Let's wait for the admins aware about our issue and replying this thread.
  9. Similarly happened to me. Since 2 night ago, everytime i opened the interface on my google chrome, and under geofilter, it always got hang / crashed. And whenever my laptop / phone screen is locked, then my interface is automatically logged out. It means i could not keep my connection remains logged in. It happened only since 2 days ago. I checked my version, it is the latest one. For info i used netduma r1. So netduma forumers, please help me
  10. Hi, I did as per your request. I put the geo location to middle of South China sea. However the problem of playing with japan dedicated server still exist (ie: average of 100ms). Since I am residing in South Korea, I am thinking if I use Japan VPN, it will work? I do not think the problem is on my end (ie: port forwarding limitation etc..). The only thing that I noticed is that I only have low ping (<20ms) if I play with P2P. If it is with dedicated server, always 100ms. I dont know if this is something to do with Japan internet itself or not. Have anyone in this community has similar problem like me, playing with Japan server? Anything Netduma can help?
  11. The thing is everytime i got dedicated server, it always be over 100ms. When i got p2p, then it is 20ms average. Is it something to do with my psn account? Or the fact that my disc is R2? Or player outside japan cant play with japan server? Or netduma does not work in asia?
  12. I give up. I keep getting japan host with ping of 100ms average. I was wondering if it is because of the disc that i bought with R2 and psn account of R3 or other reason.
  13. Is it possible if i use vpn and set my geo location as per my vpn setup. For instance i stay in S.korea and use vpn for france, then i set my geo location to france. Will it work? Will i have a low ping?
  14. If im ataying in korea, not aure if i set set my geo filter to somewhere else (lets say singapore). Even if i drag the geo filter, i dont think it really read as if im in singapore
  15. here is snaps of my geo filter. as you can see, i've blocked few dedicated host. most the the host that i have accepted are peer type. could you advise what I should do? I have set my geo filter to south korea and set ping assist to 40 as you suggested. these snaps taken from my laptop instead of mobile phone.
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