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Question about routes to a server

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I've been having issues with only modern warfare/warzone since release.


So I just ping plotter tested 2 different warzone servers and looked into the locations of the hops in the routes..

1) router
2) modem
3) N/A
4) N/A
5) Georgia (Cox)
6) Virginia (GTT)
7) Virginia (GTT)
8 ) Texas (game server)


I live in Louisiana, connecting to a Dallas server...

Is it normal for my path to be this far out of the way??


The 2nd server I tested actually goes through Europe on two hops.


I called cox about and how I was confused as to why I was even being routed through the Georgia server and he tells me that the game servers and the netcode dictates my route to the server fully and that I'll have to take it up with the dev team.

But then I went on and tested twitter.c0m, google.c0m, and a few others. These also routed through the Georgia server and 2 of them also went through Europe.


Is this really normal?

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