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Reason to buy a Netduma Router?


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I play warzone regularly and rarely have any issues with lag, or dying due to getting shor first or whatever, I’ve got a 2.13KD and have a wired connection which has never bothered me at all, but I’m certain that wired connections are limited in providing amazing pings, whereas investing in one of these would even more significantly improve my gameplay and make it feel even smoother.

I’m just unsure whether to invest in one. I’ve never dealt with lag and have had smooth gameplays. I have a fast virgin media router and a LAN cable so I’m unsure if it’s worth investing in one. Any reasons to?

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Welcome, thanks for posting your thoughts!

DumaOS will definitely provide a lot more transparency to you about the servers you're playing on and the sort of connection you've got to them. While your connection at home might be great, the server you're playing on might not be. Similarly, while your connection feels fine, there's still a lot to be gained from ensuring your game traffic is being prioritised above everything else in the network. Every little advantage you can get is going to add up and ultimately improve your experience.

Aside from gaming, there's plenty of other advantages to using DumaOS, be it the ability to apply a global adblocker to your network, or ensure you're safe online with Hybrid VPN.

Of course as a member of the Netduma Team, I'm going to say it worth it. Hopefully the community can also provide some feedback for you about whether they feel it's worth it!

Let me know if you have any questions otherwise! 

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I think it’s worth a go too. There’s the R2 and the range of NG XR routers.

a lot depends on your network needs as you have various routers to select from that will meet your needs but the R2 has the full features of 3.0 but if You have lots of devices and use WiFi then the XR1000 offers WiFi 6 and the XR500 offers wave 2 WiFi 5. 

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