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Need a refresher - how do I add a device to geofilter

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Long time no game...

This is for D2 - went in, gave my new pc a static ip,. made it a playstation. Now when I go to the geofilter I get an error popup "Uncaught Unmatched device", I click ok then when I try to add device the Add Device button doesn't do anything. I don't have any devices listed in the geofilter.

Am I doing something wrong - is the error message inidicative of something else preventing me from proceeding?


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Did you have this message before you assigned the PC an IP? It's possible you had the device added already and then gave the PC a different IP to the one it has already. The only way to get rid of the message is to ensure it has the same name, type, is connected the same way and has the same IP. Then go in, delete the device, make your changes then add it back. Otherwise a factory reset is the only way

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