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Xr500 latest beta firmware?

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Hey guys it's been a while just wondering what the latest beta firmware is and could I get a link for it.

I have been on the old .56 for some time now as I found little hick ups on the betas where I just stopped using them. Like the benchmark never running a real true test or freezing and changing qos settings not actually changing or having an effect.

Went back to .56 and all the issues went away. I used ping assist 9ms on geo filter after dumping the radius in the sea and this allows me to get the closest server for warzone every time.

I am curious as to whether or not the new 3.0 uses different qos like fq codel or something different from firmware.56 as I also get much better bufferbloat results from dslreports using the older firmwares.

AND while qos is enabled but set to never for buffer bloat will traffic prior still be working as it does seem to feel different when I fully disable qos

Thanks in advance.

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The latest beta firmware is .120 released earlier this year, we're working on the next one currently. It doesn't use any different QoS algorithms. If Congestion Control is set to never then Traffic Prioritization will still work, if you disable QoS completely from the Congestion Control menu then it will disable all the features on the QoS page

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