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HybridVPN - HMA using TCP

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I've setup my Hybrid VPN using UDP and can connect to the call of duty servers and play games no problem. I'm trying to prove to my ISP that there is some UDP packet loss and was wondering if using a TCP connection through the VPN may force the game onto TCP.  I'm assuming this is not possible, when I connect to HMA TCP locations, Warzone wont even connect to online services. 

The Hybrid VPN basic settings do not work for HMA TCP it hangs on connecting. In the logs I see  Thu Jul 8 18:20:46 2021 WARNING: --ns-cert-type is DEPRECATED. Use --remote-cert-tls instead.

I have to manually add the HMA TCP openvpn settings in the advanced section for it to connect. 


Can you give me some insight into the following. 

1) Is it possible to play COD games via a TCP VPN ? 

2 ) Do you know if the ping for in game monitors or the cold war datacentres  are ICMP, TCP or UDP.  As the game generally plays on 3074 UDP, Generally UDP is fire and forget with no real retransmission of packets. So hard to show packet loss. 

3) Do my Tick rates & send/receive rate seem normal ??   Warzone tick rates for plunder fluctuate in game  - Host -  (22 - 37)   Client - (60 - 90) 




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Yeah that's not possible! For the basic we need to update it so you did the right thing by using a manual config. 

  1. Good question, keep in mind I'm not a dev - the tunnel itself is connected using TCP but UDP/TCP connections still can happen but then you're pushing it through TCP which requires acknowledgements when a packet is received so that would be a problem when gaming.
  2. I couldn't say how they do it exactly - they don't respond to traditional pings - if you take the IP of the server and try to ping it yourself it doesn't respond - I would assume ICMP though.
  3. You can't really affect these values anyway so 'normal' is whatever the game decides at that particular time - some people have speculated it plays better when in a certain range.
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