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Xr1000 throttling speeds

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Hello I just got my xr1000 router my first 2 days haven’t it went well I watched a lot of videos before hand how to work qos and everything about domus was feeling really confident but then day 3 which was yesterday my speeds felt like they were being capped I play on ps5 a wired connection I have 1000/1000 and my ps5 usually gets 700-900 download and 300-500 upload for some reason I couldn’t go above 250-100 I’m losing my mind seeing it everytime I test connection I’ve had many other routers and it’s only happening on this vid tried everyone turned off qos I rebooted and even factory reseted and the first time I test I get the speeds I should but every other time after that it’s getting capped or just throttled I need help bad I’m starting to think it’s the firmware and it’s not my Ethernet cable I tested it on my modem and got good speeds plz someone tell me anything that will help I know console you don’t need much speeds but imma get a pc soon and I can’t have this happening thank you :(

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Welcome to the forum!

Are other devices also experiencing slow speeds? Could you check on another device that's connected to the XR via ethernet?

If you run a Connection Benchmark from DumaOS, could you please post a screenshot of the results?

How did you disable QoS? I'd suggest disabling it from the three-line menu in Congestion Control, then retest speeds on the PS5.

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17 hours ago, Andrix said:

Hello and no I haven’t tried anything else on the Ethernet I’ll try when I get home and yes I will post the results and yes I did disable it that way !

Could you please run a speedtest from a third party, such as speedtest.net?

Connection Benchmark is run on the router so that doesn't tell us whether the Mac is seeing full speeds unfortunately.

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