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I am still loosing connection to my Sky Q boxes after changing the DHCP range .2  .49  

Reserved all the Sky Q boxes IP address 

Any more suggestions to be able to keep the connection? 

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No they never go to standby mode or i never turn them off to standby 

It looses connection to the network while in use 

Sometimes i loose picture and internet connection

If i reset the R2 or pull the power then the connection comes back to the Sky boxes  

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Thanks a lot for that, I think that does give us something to work with. From what I can see there are two possible causes here:

  1. Apparently the WiFi password on the router and the device are mismatched
  2. It's disconnecting do to an inactivity timer/a local request to disconnect

Obviously neither of these make too much sense. That being said, I'm not sure what settings you have on the Sky Q boxes but try forgetting the WiFi network completely on the boxes and then reconnect and re-entering the password. Also check power/WiFi settings on the boxes and see if there is anything about standby or inactivity and disable those options. It might be when you're watching something and it's buffered quite a bit so then no more traffic is being downloaded and sees it as inactive, then when it catches up to the end of the buffered section boom disconnection.

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Thanks Fraser

I have been trying to fix this issue today, I have full factory reset every Sky box so that there is no confusion between the boxes and R2

All boxes have been taken off Eco mode to Standard so it's always active

Connection wise it worked perfectly setting it all back up when before it was difficult so full reset did help

It's worked well for a good few hours but i have now lost all connection between the boxes again, Picture and internet on all boxes


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