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Connection benchmark and Qos auto setup not working

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Hello, my connection benchmark and auto setup for qos is not working. I have factory reset the router manually and still not working. The connection benchmark just says its loading and nothing happens. Auto setup for qos just says best settings found straight away which is always 100 percent for both download and upload. I have the remote access for tech support ticked as well. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



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Did you update to .205 yourself or was it already present when you purchased? What device are you using? Can you provide a full screenshot including the browser showing what you see on both Congestion Control and QoS please?

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The auto setup one just does the same thing everytime says its found the best settings straight away and doesnt change from 100 percent. The benchmark you just click the start buttonand nothing happens.2067810207_2021-06-27(14).thumb.png.c467ae608e02edd16bdbc547f1273957.png2067810207_2021-06-27(14).thumb.png.c467ae608e02edd16bdbc547f1273957.png

2021-06-27 (15).png

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