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Found 7 results

  1. Hello i just finished the setting of netduma r2 with my Tecnicolor TGA4130 and i have a strange problem. Everything seems to work ok but i get weird disconnects. and i have to remove the power cable to have internet again in netduma r2 but on tecnicolor the internet never lost. What is the problem does anyone know? It just happend two times in a row now.
  2. salve ce qualcuno che da remoto con pc mi aiuta ha configurare netduma r2 con ps4 io gia lo collegato in cascata con fritz box 7590 ma poi non riesco ha capire come trovare server inpostare bene dowload upload priorita valore giusto e un casino mi potete aiutare anche pagando almeno da remoto guardo e imparo cosa fare legendo istruzioni non cio capito nulla
  3. Hello, need help setting up! Just got my Netduma R2. Connected to Fios Gateway router. Have interenet and wifi through R2 but not able to ping R2 Also, cannot find link to download DumaOS 3.0 for R2. Reset routers, reset button on R2, no help. Does black cable provided connect to internet on R2? Does other end connect to FIOS Gateway router WAN (white) or LAN (yellow)? I'm lost and need help. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, So sorry if this is a duplicate post, I've tried reading through other issues relating to the R2 and the Sky Q router and can't get my head round it all. Tomorrow my R2 arrives. What I want to do, ideally, is put the R2 in the DMZ of the Sky Q router and then connect everything to the R2. Am I right in thinking that will bypass the Sky Q router (which can't be put in modem mode) and avoid double NAT? If so, could someone give me a step by step guide as to how I do this? Thanks so much and sorry again if this is a stupid question or a duplicate post!
  5. Dear Sir, Just yesterday, I received my Netduma r2. My set up is as follows, ISP modem linked with Netduma R2 on bridge mode. Internet is working on WIFI (except 5g not available) and LAN ports. However LAN port lights are not working nor LED red lights on top of the Netduma R2. I would appropriate your help. Best regards
  6. Hi just got my r2 today it is not detecting my internet at all what is going on please help
  7. Any chance of an R2 discount for long suffering R1 owners. I still can't get full bandwidth for my 400MB broadband through the R1 when anti-bufferbloat is enabled I only get about 100MB but then get full 400MB when anti-bufferbloat is disabled. Currently running the latest DumaOS but this has been a problem since the original R1 OS. Hoping an upgrade to the R2 would fix the problem but £130 is a bit more than I can afford at the moment.
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