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Found 24 results

  1. Hello I recently contacted support on here since my wifi kept turning off for no reason untill I turned off IPV6 which solved a lot of the problems. But it also made a new one. I'm get very high ping spikes in game no matter what game. It's not at a certain time ether I could go 30 min and no ping spikes then there would be one every 30 sec for a few hours. I don't know how to fix this problem any help?
  2. Connection not working on R2 internet light not lighting up and will not work and this router I just got yesterday due to my other R2 rapps not working/malfunctioning
  3. Every couple of hours the internet will disconnect from all devices, sometimes for ~30 seconds, sometimes until the router is reset. The CPU usage jumps from ~5-15 to ~80+, the logs are always mentioning drop_caches: 3, and also repeatedly says DHCP old event, DHCP lease change. Here are some logs that might be useful. Mon Jan 25 14:00:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [63557.125288] ash (17242): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 14:00:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 17242 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:55:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [63257.065901] ash (12456): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:55:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 12456 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:50:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [62956.989914] ash (10708): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:50:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 10708 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:45:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [62656.934078] ash (9431): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:45:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 9431 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:41:01 2021 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan1: AP-STA-DISCONNECTED a8:1d:16:31:70:a9 Mon Jan 25 13:40:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [62356.876471] ash (8035): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:40:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 8035 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:35:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [62056.813951] ash (5256): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:35:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 5256 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:30:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [61756.765399] ash (3369): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:30:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 3369 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:25:00 2021 kern.info kernel: [61456.720483] ash (1565): drop_caches: 3 Mon Jan 25 13:25:00 2021 cron.err crond[1404]: USER root pid 1565 cmd echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Mon Jan 25 13:24:40 2021 user.info com.netdumasoftware.neighwatch: DHCP lease change. Mon Jan 25 13:24:39 2021 user.info com.netdumasoftware.neighwatch: DHCP old event.
  4. Hello I've had my Netduma R2 now for a few months since I wanted a gaming router and a better speed. I sometimes have my internet go out randomly on my phone and computer. Doesnt matter what im doing its always cuts out and I got to unplug it. I tried some other methods that were posted such as changing static IP to 168. I also installed a file that was posted but it seems to do nothing. I also have a problem when im playing a game. Such as for example in CSGO when im playing on any server I get random ping spikes such as this one below. And it stays this way for 30 sec then goes back to normal it can go as high as 500 from what ive seen then goes back to a normal 15-40 ping. I have yet to find what is causing this and how to fix it please help!
  5. In regards to the ping heatmap if I click on a server I want to add to my list, when it asks to add an IP address, is that necessary and what IP address would I be adding? The console I’m on?
  6. I am struggling to get my netduma r2 to config with my vpn. My VPN is ExpressVPN who use OpenVPN so it is compatible, however when I am pasting the config file in the setup page on dumaOS its failing to connect to the expressvpn servers. Im sure its nothing wrong with the hardware just my lack of knowledge is leaving me helpless. So can somebody tell me if im missing something.
  7. I've just received my Netduma R2 and I'm wondering what the optimal setup is when connecting via my ISP modem, should I turn off WiFi capabilities on the Sky modem? Also, my Sky hub doesn't allow me to change the DNS server from the Sky one, will the R2 allow me to do this? Should I give the R2 a static IP via the Sky modem? Regards, Ramon
  8. Good afternoon, I have a couple of questions regarding my Virgin Hub 4 in modem mode whilst connected to a Netduma R2. 1). Is it correct that when I place my Hub 4 in modem mode and connect to the R2 (or any other router) that I should expect to lose a slight bit of speed? 2). How precise is the connection benchmark in the DumaOS dashboard regarding the speed test? Has anyone tried it with the same setup as I am currently using and if so are your results what you should be expecting? Thanks in advance for any help and I'd just like to say that I'm loving the R2 and DumaOS a great combination!
  9. Hello, the title already states my question. If im using the Geo Filter to play online games and set my Home Location to a different country, the game is thinking that im currently at the marker of my Geo Filter, right? Obviously my IP will be the same since im not really using a VPN but the Geo Filter should work similiar in this particular case or am i wrong? Best Regards
  10. After updating my Netduma R2 to latest firmware, when I use mobile app, Geofilter and activate filtering mode. Message popped up saying "Game Filtering Unavailable". Previously without update i use to load my PS4 game COD Modern Warfare game. Upon reaching game main menu i use to open app on my mobile and activate Geofilter, Filtering mode. It use to work. Its no longer work.
  11. I notice that Call of Duty Cold War is alomost all the time connecting to Host Type: Peer. I rarely get connected to Dedicated Servers. Is it just me or someone else is having similar issue? Any reason why its connecting to Host Type Peer almost all the time?
  12. Good day i just wanna thank you guys for the quick response and support as you seen on the topic i just order my netduma r2 after 3 hours from ordering dhl recive it and send me the tracking number .omg thats so quick can’t wait until but my hands on it 👍🏽 soon i well ordering to my friends hop i can get some discount coupon 🤓 thanks guys again for make gaming community without lag ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. Having issues getting my friends router to stop showing double nat. what can i do?
  14. Hello i just purchased the netduma R2 and am having connection issues with this router i have a Netgear CM1000v2 and my provider is optimum online its DHCP. i have to hard reset the router to get connection back, am a little lost what are my other options because this is getting very annoying, am thinking its my isp but its the router i have another router and it works fine. please any help anyone. @Netduma Fraser
  15. Hey guys, Im a streamer and Im getting really fed up with my R2 resetting itself randomly while Im streaming on twitch. As you may know if your internet connection drops so do all of your current viewers. The router has done this for months. When i first got it and set it up I only lasted 2 days using it because it kept resetting. I have factory reset it 4 times, I have tried un-released updates that yall have like 3.0.150. The problem stays. I dont know what to do anymore, I love netduma routers and all of the gaming features but I cant have my router restarting itself sometimes twice in a row for no reason. Please help me I am starting to think I have a defected router because this seems so crazy.
  16. Hello, need help setting up! Just got my Netduma R2. Connected to Fios Gateway router. Have interenet and wifi through R2 but not able to ping R2 Also, cannot find link to download DumaOS 3.0 for R2. Reset routers, reset button on R2, no help. Does black cable provided connect to internet on R2? Does other end connect to FIOS Gateway router WAN (white) or LAN (yellow)? I'm lost and need help. Thanks.
  17. I've plugged in my netduma r2 into my sky home hub - the netduma hub is working well when connected to my laptop via ethernet. However, the netduma is not connecting to any other device via ethernet such as my PS4 and also it is showing I have no internet on the netduma r2 via wifi. I'm very confused is there anyway to fix this issue?
  18. Hello all, So sorry if this is a duplicate post, I've tried reading through other issues relating to the R2 and the Sky Q router and can't get my head round it all. Tomorrow my R2 arrives. What I want to do, ideally, is put the R2 in the DMZ of the Sky Q router and then connect everything to the R2. Am I right in thinking that will bypass the Sky Q router (which can't be put in modem mode) and avoid double NAT? If so, could someone give me a step by step guide as to how I do this? Thanks so much and sorry again if this is a stupid question or a duplicate post!
  19. Hello i just finished the setting of netduma r2 with my Tecnicolor TGA4130 and i have a strange problem. Everything seems to work ok but i get weird disconnects. and i have to remove the power cable to have internet again in netduma r2 but on tecnicolor the internet never lost. What is the problem does anyone know? It just happend two times in a row now.
  20. salve ce qualcuno che da remoto con pc mi aiuta ha configurare netduma r2 con ps4 io gia lo collegato in cascata con fritz box 7590 ma poi non riesco ha capire come trovare server inpostare bene dowload upload priorita valore giusto e un casino mi potete aiutare anche pagando almeno da remoto guardo e imparo cosa fare legendo istruzioni non cio capito nulla
  21. Dear Sir, Just yesterday, I received my Netduma r2. My set up is as follows, ISP modem linked with Netduma R2 on bridge mode. Internet is working on WIFI (except 5g not available) and LAN ports. However LAN port lights are not working nor LED red lights on top of the Netduma R2. I would appropriate your help. Best regards
  22. Hi just got my r2 today it is not detecting my internet at all what is going on please help
  23. Any chance of an R2 discount for long suffering R1 owners. I still can't get full bandwidth for my 400MB broadband through the R1 when anti-bufferbloat is enabled I only get about 100MB but then get full 400MB when anti-bufferbloat is disabled. Currently running the latest DumaOS but this has been a problem since the original R1 OS. Hoping an upgrade to the R2 would fix the problem but £130 is a bit more than I can afford at the moment.
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