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Netduma R2 Double nat issue on Xbox Series X

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What's your setup? Is your R2 behind any other Routers? If it's connected to your Gateway/Modem/ONT, you should be fine, but still check its settings to see if it has a "DMZ" or "Passthrough" feature, and if it does, put the R2 into that mode. Also, do you need to port forward any ports for this remote play operation? To test this, put the XBOX into DMZ mode on the R2. If it works, then you need to forward ports to your XBOX. You can look up the ports, or turn on UPNP.

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I have had the same issue and I have tried the methods mentioned but nothing changes ,still strict nat on xbox series x with double nat detected ,virgin hub with the r2 connected to it ,dmz on my isp is the same as my wan on the r2 ,and no change I have also tried my xbox ip into my r2 router and still no change ,am I missing something or what else am I doing wrong 

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