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  1. R2 is connected to my Virgin router model hub 3 @Netduma Fraser
  2. Currently my series X has a double nat problem which wont let me remote play from my phone. wired connection to the R2 how do i fix this issue? cheers guys!
  3. changed internet providers to virgin, over week ago now and had no problems so far!
  4. been monitoring seems to be better doesnt disconnect as often. but still disconects every now and then even though the internet is fine..
  5. Iv set the R2 to a reserved IP address.. how do i do the DMZ? just the IP of the R2 i n?
  6. hi i will give this a try and get back to you. and yes all devices disconnect wired and wireless
  7. Hi got my netduma R2 last friday and has been fine for few days...now it keeps losing internet connection...1 or multiple times a day. i have to unplug it and restart it to get it back on all the lights are on like it should be but no connection on wifi or ethernet. its connected to my sky router which doesnt lose any connection and in the internet works fine on it when i connect. ( i changed the DHCP TO 168 still doesnt work) Any Help? thanks
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