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Geo filter..!?

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Hello! I have a question, is geo filter working or is it ms just me… because i selected alot of diferent servers and the ping never goes above 35-39 , even if i locate servers with 100+ Ping on geo filter , i still get 35 to 39 … so my question, is it really working ? No matter what zone i select, it does not give me the server it should… i am asking this because warzone servers are shitty as fuck (EU) and i am allways tryn to search good ones, but what point if its not giving me the location i specified in geo..

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Okay so Filtering Mode isn't enabled that's why you're not getting a game in your area. Do this please then see if it works:

  1. Quit the game back to console dashboard
  2. Remove device from the Geo-Filter
  3. Go to Device Manager, give the PC a PlayStation device type
  4. Resync the cloud
  5. Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter and select the manual option
  6. Set up your settings
  7. Wait 2 minutes
  8. Boot up the game
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Also i tried to update software again thinking that wouls solve it, it says  “upgrade in progress, this could take up to two minute”… and  it never ends actually

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