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  1. Hello, the final setups on geo filter and ping assist made this router SOOOO WORTHY!!! No regrets on investing the money for it. But i have a problem, i made a list for warzone server , those who are the best, and because of that list, now i cannot connect to discord server, i searched location of the dc servers and made polygon’s in the areas of these locations but still nothing… any advice for this ?
  2. Yes i refreshed , it was all gone after that , thx alot!
  3. I was cable connected allways , no wifi
  4. Also i tried to update software again thinking that wouls solve it, it says “upgrade in progress, this could take up to two minute”… and it never ends actually
  5. Back again, so i was having problem connecting to server , and i decided to add another polygon, and than it shows me this
  6. Thx for help, everything is fine now
  7. I dont really know where dors it show the server im conected on..
  8. Ao i marked a 123 ping server and i get 35 in game … that shouldnt be normal right ? I mean, it gets me other server than it should
  9. Hello! I have a question, is geo filter working or is it ms just me… because i selected alot of diferent servers and the ping never goes above 35-39 , even if i locate servers with 100+ Ping on geo filter , i still get 35 to 39 … so my question, is it really working ? No matter what zone i select, it does not give me the server it should… i am asking this because warzone servers are shitty as fuck (EU) and i am allways tryn to search good ones, but what point if its not giving me the location i specified in geo..
  10. I’ve managed to connect it , dunno how, i just did like 4th factory reset and it worked .. thank for assistance ! Have a great day
  11. Ok i have tried that , still not getting a connection. Do you need a video of whats going on or something ?
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