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New Duma YouTube video.


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First i would like to say thank you for the deep explanation about Geo.

I have one question about the tick rate discussed (the higher the better).

Please take a look at my screen shot from Destiny 2 as you can see my receive tick is higher than my send rate would equal be best setting?

If so does simply increasing bandwidth increase the tick?

Again thanks for the vid any help would be great.

Many thanks.



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Thanks for the feedback.

We can't really affect tick rate as it's just data provided by the server in most cases. As you're playing Destiny the data shown will actually be the tick rate and ping to the closest SDR server and not the game server, so this may be why you're seeing some curious values there. This shouldn't affect gameplay at all though.


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Ok great to know we cant adjust the tick that saves me a lot of testing however i guess the search is on for me to find the server with the highest tick possible.

As you say with SDR there really is no telling its kind of pot luck lol.

I have noticed this server tick varies greatly lol.

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