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cannot sign in to netdumaos/

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Hi and welcome.

if you can’t gain entry to the routers UI either by WiFi or wired you will need to reset the router using the rear pinhole method. 
run through the setup and then make sure you note any credentials so you have access to the routers software when required. 


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type that in the browser top and see if that connects.

Dont forget the underside of the router has your WiFi password if needed on setup. It also shows the IP address I quoted.

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I have windows pc.... wi-Fi it’s still not showing up on my computer all of my devices they used to be have disappeared once I reset the netduma… I don’t understand why it would do that my Internet no longer works for my phone nor my computer It’s not connectable on the phone and it’s not even detectable on the computer

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2 hours ago, onearmchris1229 said:

What is the set up wizard 


It’s when you set up the router. After a reset you must redo the setup or else you will not have any connection.

Did you put in your new credentials and did you change the WiFi name and password?

Who setup the router when it first arrived?


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Did you run through the setup as in the video I posted. 

The WiFi password is on the bottom of the router, you need to use that. 

Are the lights on the router flickering on the 2.4 and 5 ghz?

If they are but you can’t see the WiFi channels you can either wire up from your pc or reset again. When you reset using the pinhole you need to hold it in for 20 seconds then release and allow the router to boot up.

Do not interrupt the power on a reset.

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Can you connect to the router using ethernet (wire)? If you can then you can proceed and follow what I suggested, otherwise do the above. You may then also need to use the password conversion method after that reset if the default password doesn't work.


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