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Keep getting lag and disconnect notifications

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After running the test, I now understand what you meant. My download was getting test results of .15Mbs (yes. .15, not 1.5) to 3.5Mbs

So those numbers were correct.  I contacted my ISP and the dude was impressed with how shit my modem was (it was brand new ~8 months ago). Because I'm supposed to be getting over 100Mbs down. They're sending out a tech on monday to bring out a new modem.

Obviously the modem is a part of the problem. but I'm unsure it's the whole thing.

I'll let you know on Monday if I'm still having packet loss through the router. 

*fingers crossed lol

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Wow that is crazy! Especially considering what you should be getting. Okay keep us posted on how you get on, if you get your full speeds I doubt you'll have those same issues. Good luck!

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